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Exclusive Services

Here at Chipley Physical and Aquatic Therapy, we pride ourselves on providing only the best for our patients. We know that every patient is unique and that their treatment must be customized to their needs. In order to do this, we specialize in a variety of services to ensure the best outcomes for every individual. Below is just a small selection of what we offer.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is utilized to create a decreased gravity environment to reduce the stress on joints, improve mobility and circulation, as well as restore your posture. We have a custom-built in-ground pool, and the water is kept at comfortably warm temperatures to increase healing and muscular relaxation.

Parkinson's Rehabilitation

We utilize the Parkinson Wellness Recovery program to improve balance, strength, and cognition. Partnered with the Rock Steady Boxing program, we work with you to reduce symptoms and slow disease progression to improve your quality of life.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

For patients that have suffered from a ca

After Care Program

Once you have completed your plan of care, we offer what is known as an aftercare program. For a small daily fee, this allows you to continue to use the facilities with supervision so you can further improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Paired with our individualized Home Exercise Program, we make sure you are provided with all of the tools necessary for your success.

Lymphedema Management

We are involved with your lymphedema management through the complete decongestive and maintenance phase, performing manual lymphatic drainage and compression wrapping, as well as educating you on preventative measures. We will also fit you for a lymphatic pump so you may be completely independent by the end of your program.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is performed to treat trigger points and improve the range of motion in a muscle. We insert a fine filiform needle into the muscle as a way to increase circulation and decrease pain in patients. Research has shown dry needling to be very effective in positive patient outcomes.

Vertigo Rehabilitation

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