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Owner, CEO

  • Ruben Laurel, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Chipley Physical Therapy, manages the company’s operations and inner workings. While not an everyday face to be seen around the office, Ruben keeps Chipley Physical and Aquatic Therapy workings like a well-oiled machine from behind the scenes. 

  • Ruben is the company’s founder and has owned and operated Chipley Physical and Aquatic Therapy since 2003. Before joining the physical therapy world, Ruben and his wife Lorrie Laurel owned and worked their diving charter based out of Panama City. Before that, Ruben served in the United States Army for four years.

  • When he isn’t working from home, Ruben enjoys spending time with his family on his boat, sitting by a cozy fire, or petting one or two of his ten dogs. 

Office Manager

  • As Office Manager, Robbin Addison is responsible for providing support to both administrative and clinical staff and works with our patients directly to ensure they are getting the most out of their insurance benefits. Robbin also heads our authorization department.

  • Robbin has worked with Chipley Physical Therapy for two years, but before joining our team, Robbin worked many years in retail and management.

  • In her spare time, Robbin enjoys crocheting (seriously, she’s really good), and you can find some of her fun creations throughout the clinic.



Billing Department

  • Amanda Lee, head of the billing department, specializes in correspondence with insurance companies to ensure proper reimbursement. Amanda also personally works with CEO and Owners Ruben and Lorrie Laurel to assure that the best outcomes for our facilities are met. 

  • Amanda has been with the company for seven years, initially starting out as a physical therapy technician. She now works in both our billing department and as a personal assistant to Ruben and Lorrie Laurel.

  • Amanda graduated from George C Wallace Community College with her AA in Physical Therapist Assistants. She is constantly studying to take her licensure exam to become a licensed physical therapist assistant. 

  • Amanda is the mother of two boys, Jessie and Jarrick. In her spare time, she likes to take up crochet, scrapbooking, and crafting in general.

Administrative Assistant

  • Karen Dodd, administrative assistant, assists in the process of verifying insurance coverage, posting all incoming payments, as well as any other duties assigned by the Office Manager. 

  • Karen has been with the company since April 2023, working full-time, and has successfully increased the amount of responsibilities she has undertaken in that time. 

  • Karen is the proud mother of 3 sons and the KK/Nena to 6 grandchildren (with number 7 arriving in September 2024).

  • In her spare time, Karen spends quality time with her family and faithful companion – Storm.


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